Hippeastrum Cybister Potting Mix

Hans-Werner Hammen haweha@hotmail.com
Sun, 29 May 2005 13:34:18 PDT
I am growing H.cybister "Chico" with geat success.
Funy; I never performed so much thoughts what substrate should be used!

I use coco peat prepared from these "coco bricks" for all my 4- and 2-ploid 
hippeastrums, including H.aulicum v.robustum. I can only praise it for its 
outstanding properties in cleanlyness from dirt, pests and diseases, its 
easy handling and its physical property of softness and structure stability, 
yes; and extreme fast water motility.

As I learnt from elsewhere
both H."Chico" and H."Reggae" are selections of the "true" species 
H.cybister and therefore I can with full right transmit my experience from 
Chico in order to make a proposal for the substrate question as regards to 
the species.

I wrote about H.cybister"Chico" in the GardenWeb

I combine and I recommend a 3-action strategy:
use of coco substrate;
carefull watering FROM THE BOTTOM (every 2nd day)
and applying dilute feeding with every watering.

My experiences indicate that the watering technique has a greater influence 
on cultivation success than the use of a high-sophistically formulated 
H.cybister is not such a heavy water consumer.
The surface of the substrate should remain completely dry (bright). Dark wet 
spots on the surface indicate overwateríng.
It is clear that exlusive watering from the bottom can only be performed 
under glass or indoors.
On the other hand, considering that the majority of commerciably available 
hippeastrum bulbs is infested with the tarsonemid mite, the bulb scale mite 
Steneotarsonermus laticeps, it is not wise to let EVER get water into the 
heart of the plant...
Yes H.cybister is a tiny treasure which is worth not to be let stood in the 


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