Chemistry 101

Burger, Steve
Wed, 09 Nov 2005 09:36:07 PST
Although mistaken about sulfur vs. sulfa, sulfur in both elemental and ionic form is strongly anti microbial.  I use a good bit of sulfur on my plants for fungus control. In the soil, I don't imagine one would find large quantities of sulfur in these forms.  So although sulfur is an anti-microbial in its own right, I've never shied from applying some elemental sulfur to my blueberries.


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On  8 Nov 05 at 10:26, Brook Klehm wrote:

> I remember hearing from organic farmers that sulfur is
> anathema to microbial life (sulfa drugs are antibiotics). 
> They suggested that to have a vital soil, less sulfur (in the
> form gypsum) should be applied.  I would like to hear more
> about this from knowledgeable folks like Jim.

Here, I'll do it. I haven't scorn enough for someone so stupid 
as to confuse *sulfur* with *sulfa*, a single chemical element 
with a specific class of compound. If I heard an organic 
farmer coming out with this nonsense, I'd be very leery of his 
or her so-called organic produce.

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