granite grit

Carol Jensen
Wed, 09 Nov 2005 09:34:13 PST
At 03:45 09-11-2005, Linda Foulis wrote:
>How can micronutrients be derived from granite grit?  Especially in a
>growing season, or even 10 growing seasons for that matter.  I can maybe see
>it if using a sandstone grit, if there is such a thing.
>All the granite I've ever come across has been an extremely hard rock and
>not inclined to erosion or break down in which micronutrients would be
>released, at least not in my life time.
>Okotoks, AB

Linda, I know only organic soils. In these, both the humus (acidic) and the bacteria will wear on the granite and dissolve it. And I am certain that other denizens of the underground would help.


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