Wintering Hymenocallis

Carol Jensen
Wed, 09 Nov 2005 09:24:57 PST
At 23:00 08-11-2005, James Waddick wrote:
>Dear All;
>        The only Hymenocallis I have grown is the old Ismene/ Yellow 
>Queen or whatever.
>        Winter care is easy- pull them up and throw them in the basement.
>        But due to the generosity of various folks including readers 
>of this list, I have 4 different more traditional Hymenocallis from 
>Tropical Giant down in size. All have been in pots and standing in an 
>inch of water. Last week a light frost tipped all the foliage. Now 
>they need some more serious winter care.
>        Can I let these dry off totally?
>        Just keep the pot frost free and not water?
>        Do they need any light?
>        Or?
>        Appreciate recommendations from cold climate growers. What 
>works the best?
>                Thanks  Jim W.

I have the one ismene and put it into winter dormancy the 17th of September (much too early - it was still summer!). I will take it out next Saturday.

I put all my stuff under cardboard boxes. I don't water the week or so before, in other words I make sure they are really dried out before I put them into the dark and cold for a few weeks.

You can also give them light and a tiny bit of water. They just will need the 10C-50F temperature for a while. Two months is what I've read, but my hippeastrums get only 3-4 weeks of the low temperature and do fine.

I do it this way (cardboard boxes, etc.) because I have a house and also because I need space in the window sills in winter, when it is dark. The hippeastrum don't need sun to flower, luckily - they do just fine in the middle of the room!

I THINK (but am not sure) that one week of solid 50-55F is enough for all these plants in their dormancy. But if you give them light, they also need some water, perhaps once a month.


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