double amaryllis

Carol Jensen
Mon, 21 Nov 2005 00:46:44 PST
At 23:48 20-11-2005, you wrote:
>I got seed from crosses using pollen from the double 'Jewel' They haven't
>bloomed yet so I don't know if they are really crosses. There were true
>anthers visible but no pistil that I could find.

I cut mine off the stalk last night and removed the petals one by one, first the usual six, then the inner petals. On the outside of two inner petals I found 2 male things, larger at the bottom, rounded, usual size, no pollen.

Inside the very small inner leaf I found what must be the ovary. Same size as the males but rounded at the top and with a small hole.

So now I know where to fertilize if I ever want to. I prefer the singles.


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