Agapanthus africanus ??

Tue, 15 Nov 2005 01:11:43 PST
It is unlikely you have Agapanthus africanus or even an africanus 
hybrid. The plant is hardly in culture as it needs very hot and dry 
situations and is very difficult to grow. It has the highest amount of 
nuclear DNA ( 31.6 pg) and any hybrid with another species ( all 
other five have 22.3-25.5 pgram) is easeily spotted.  I did not found 
a single africanus hybrid among about 200 plants tested. Most if 
not all plants sold as africanus are A praecox
 Zonneveld chapter 2 in :W Snoeijer, Agapanthus a revision of the 
genus,2003 Timber Press
Zonneveld & Duncan. Taxonomic implications of genome size and 
pollen colour and vitality for species of Agapanthus Plant syst Evol. 
241:115-123 2003 
Ben J.M.Zonneveld
Institute of Biology,Leiden University, Clusius lab 
Wassenaarse weg 64, 2333 AL Leiden, The Netherlands
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