Western Australia?

Angela and Dean Offer angelasgarden@bigpond.com
Tue, 15 Nov 2005 00:19:02 PST
thankyou very much for your invitation to say what grows in southern Western
Australia, I felt I had to edit and rewrite etc, but will never get around
to that! so here goes.
What grows well, and what I love are clivias, cymbidium orchids. What grows
easily, and I tend to disregard, which I shouldn't, are crocosmia, ismene?
inca lilies, alstroemeria, hippeastrums, daffodils. What are classed as
weeds are watsonia, arum lilies. I do grow (easily) the coloured calla
lilies (and still like arum lllilies).   The cymbidium orchids live out
under the gum trees ( of what my favourite are the lemon gums), in pots  on
raised wire . We can have hail, which damages the leaves, also on my clivia
plants. I also love vireya rhododendrons, which grow slowly, and still am
experimenting with these. I grow red roses and dutch hybrid alstroemerias as
cutflowers, and love doing wedding bouquets, etc, I also do silver (and
sometimes gold) jewellery for the brides. I am trying to turn my love of
gardening and arrangements into a business (as long as I get some extra
gardening money thats OK!). Little pink bulbous flowers (their name evades
me) grow amongst the conifers in one area of the garden  Oxalis! (even
though they are weeds, I keep them - they suppress the weeds and look pretty
in spring). We love the Blue spruce (ours are about 2 foot tall and are
about 5 years old). My son visited Canada and saw the real thing! Envious! I
love growing clematis, the montanas grow easily, the large flowered hybrids
grow OK if protected from the hot winds.  Temperature is from 0 deg C
(freezing point) to some summers an odd day above 43deg C and everything
dries up horribly, especially if it is windy too.  But mostly Albany is a
green place, with lots of good water (something lacking in Australia). I can
send seeds of hippeastrums if you like ( my mother in law always seems to
get hers to flower). Information is very welcome, I enjoy the group.
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> Angela,
> I'm sure we would all be fascinated to know about the bulbous plants that
> you can grow in Albany, and about any interesting wild geophytes in that
> wonderfully diverse area. I know that the Australian flora doesn't 'do'
> bulbs much, but there are lots of geophytic orchids, Drosera etc.
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> > I find the group very interesting also, you missed my point. I should
> > said bulbs and climate and saffron and other plants, I love them all.
> Sorry
> > I am just complaining about boring emails that talk about none of these
> > things.
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