need a little know-how

Carol Jensen
Sun, 27 Nov 2005 14:14:27 PST
I put all my hippeastrum into dormancy by putting them dark (under cardboard boxes) cool and dry into an unused bedroom. Later, hopefully, the temperature gets down to between 50-55F or 10-12C. Not sure it did this time, but they seem to flower anyway.

My question is: why do some sprout fast and some slow? On Tuesday the 15th, I brought down 5 smallish ones which had their first dormancy, plus the ismene. After about 8 days two of these had shoots, both the original bulb and the offshoots. 

The next Tuesday I brought one of my old ones downstairs, and after 2-3 days there was a shoot.

So three of the small ones (and the ismene) wait for a while. WHY?

What is it in the bulb's nature to cause it to either sprout almost immediately, or wait 2-3 weeks?


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