Longevity in Narcissus cultivars

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Sun, 27 Nov 2005 15:07:57 PST
Kathy -

While you may have ideal conditions for many daffodils to thrive, rare is the person that has ideal conditions for all 13 divisions.  

For instance, 'Dreamlight' and 'Goose Green' are both division 3 and undoubtably have division 9 genes in their background.  Division 9's are poeticus cultivars, the Pheasant eye types. These may be difficult divisions for you to grow, even in the foothills. 

On the other hand, Division 8, Tazetta cultivars, do great in your region and you have a marvelous hybridizer named Bill Welsh in Carmel that specializes in them. 

Division 1, Trumpets, are early bloomers and probably will thrive.  My guess is that most division 2 Large-cupped,  div. 7 Jonquilla cultivars, div. 10 Bulbocodium cultivars and div. 11 Split-Coronas  would do okay.  Division 6, cyclamineus cultivars, generally do not like the soil to ever totally dry out and may not be a good choice.  

So, the trick is to grow those that are good do-ers in your climate.  You might check out the website of the American Daffodil Society for more information, including any local societies.

Linda Wallpe
Cincinnati, zone 6a

From: "Kathy Stokmanis" <vikingdoc@earthlink.net>
I understand that many of the newer cultivars of Narcissus are not perennial in the home garden, fading after the first or a few years.  How do the developers of these Narcissus grow them to maturity and what can I do to maximize the chances of their return? Some of the cultivars that I recently obtained are Barbie Doll, Dreamlight, Goose Green, Ring of Fire, etc.  Currently most are in pots awaiting our move to our foothill property.  Very free-draining mixture, kept very dry during the summer.  It does hover near freezing at night to provide winter chilling for all but the Pheasant Eye types (and I am even trying those--we'll see this spring).  My climate is almost ideal for daffodils, with hot dry summers and mild, wet winters.
Kathy Stokmanis
Zone 8/9, wet, mild winters, hot, long dry summers.

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