Fast sprouting and migrating crinum

Carol Jensen
Sun, 13 Nov 2005 14:28:35 PST
Two days ago I received what I had ordered from BX106, among other things Zephrantes (Cooperia). I planted them, made labels, watered thoroughly, put them in windowsill.

Yesterday morning, guess what. All, or just about all, had sprouted. Now THAT is fast work.

I also repotted some crinum, as there is no room in the windowsill for a large pot. When I had done this, I took the pot out to the kitchen to dump the compost into a pail with compost. Much to my surprise, I found 2 healthy crinum right on the bottom of this very large pot! They were on their way to light, but it would have taken a while.

I think the explanation is that I do not overwater (generally) and the compost at the bottom was wetter, which the crinum may have liked. The others looked rather dry and dessicated, which is why I repotted them. They didn't get anough light at all!

These crinum migrated about 4 INCHES to the bottom!


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