Veltheimia deasii/uploading photos/announcing them to the list

Susan Hayek
Sun, 13 Nov 2005 14:37:58 PST
>  > **Please give the PAGE URL, in this case,
>Pleas explain that. I was only following directions and the above was NOT
>part of that process.

See #2 below (this was part of a reminder sent to the list on 
11/6/05) or go to… and 
scroll down toward the bottom of the page under ANNOUNCING YOUR 
They obviously say it better than I do.

**1. See the Upload files page… for 
uploading your file.
See Adding pages for information on adding pages…
Remember to sign in with your name as one word  (WikiWord) using 
capital letter first name, capital letter last name, e.g. SusanHayek.
If you sign in any other way you'll receive an error message.

2. When you accomplish getting your file added to a page =D> , please 
announce the new file by PAGE URL, not photo URL.
We move files into subdirectories on the administrative site, and if 
you give the group the link to the photo, when it is moved the list 
members will not be able to link to it.
For example: Mary Sue added a photo file to the Nerine page. The link 
to the photo will be the genus page URL…  NOT a 
photo file URL.

for the administrators

susan hayek, North Coast of CA, USA, zone 9b, Sunset zone 17.
15 miles south of Eureka, CA, overlooking the Eel River, with a peek 
of the ocean.

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