Crocus oreocreticus

Marylyn Henderson
Sun, 06 Nov 2005 20:58:17 PST
Beautiful pictures! I have never grown crocus, except for the wild ones we 
had in Iowa where I grew up. They weren't as attractive as pulchellus, for 
They were kind of fuzzy and more like the oreocreticus than the brilliant 
colored ones you have photographed.
I'll take the pulchellus -- if we are voting.
Thank you Mary Sue. Sure enjoyed your pictures.


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> Hi,
> Last week Julia told us about the Crocus oreocreticus that she was
> horrified to find had been ploughed up on Crete. I didn't have time at the
> time, but have just added some pictures of this species that I obtained
> from Jane McGary and that I photographed when it bloomed in October.
> I have more Crocus trying to bloom now, but it has rained all day and is
> supposed to rain tomorrow as well so don't know if I'll get to see them.
> Years ago on the IBS forum when people were complaining they could never
> get C. sativus to bloom Will Ashburner sent me seeds of Crocus
> cartwrightianus with the suggestion that I'd have better luck getting that
> species to bloom. I started the seeds in November 1998 and they hadn't
> bloomed yet, but it looks like one was finally going to bloom this year,
> but the weather hasn't been cooperating.
> Mary Sue
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