Crocus k. kotschyanus var. leucopharynx and C.karduchorum; was: RE: Crocus kotschyanunus ssp. kotschyanus 'Reliance'

Jim McKenney
Mon, 24 Oct 2005 14:04:51 PDT
In reading my own post, which confusingly begins "Thanks, John", I realize
that it may sound as if I'm arguing with John Lonsdale about some of the
issues discussed. 

Hardly. The first paragraph was addressed specifically to John, and the rest
of the post is addressed to anyone who is interested. In particular, when I
wrote " You're setting yourself up for chaos if you think you have a
Crocus x-us ssp. y-us var. albus and a Crocus.." I most definitely did not
have John in mind. I was speaking rhetorically.

John certainly does not need my advice on crocuses!

Jim McKenney

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