Dahlia campanulata

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Mon, 24 Oct 2005 14:27:01 PDT
Dear Susan, Dear All,

My only experience with Dahlia campanulata is the following: I got an unnamed 
cutting in early spring 2004 from a German Nursery that amongst others is 
specialized in Dahlias and Gerbera. It was first grown under glass until danger 
of frost was over and then planted in the open ground in my garden in fertile 
moist sandy soil. It branched at the base and grew quite well and was the first 
one to produce buds of all my tree Dahlias. Unfortunately the growth was killed 
by the first frosts before it flowered. The tuber was lifted and stored and 
potted this spring with the idea in mind to be able ot move a potted plant 
under glass before the frosts to see the flowers. Unfortunately this tuber 
never sprouted for reasons I do not know. There are still firm tubers in the 
pot and I will keep it another season. Only after a visit to Copenhagen 
Botanical Gardens in Denmark I was able to identify this so far unnamed 
cutting. The shape of the leaves and especially the lengthwise ribbed stem are 
so charateristic that it could only be D. campanulata. Copehagen has an amazing 
collection of species Dahlia with an emphasis on the coccinea group.

The cutting was from an older plant so maybe seedlings will need another one or 
two seasons to mature enough to flower. Or maybe it is a matter of an early 
flowering clone? I did no special treatment except watering and fertilising 
compared to my other Dahlias.

An interesting question for me is to know where you got the seed from, is this 
a commercial source?

Greetings from Non-Tree-Dahlia-growing-climate (Germany)...... Uli

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