Nerine sarniensis and its varieties and hybrids

Carol Jensen
Thu, 06 Oct 2005 09:49:10 PDT
At 01:50 06-10-2005, Jim McKenney wrote:

>Next year I may try putting my dormant Nerine sarniensis in the refrigerator
>for the summer where they will be dry and cool for several months. 
>Any comments, anyone? 

You are correct, of course! Denmark is warmer than Ireland and 
England in summer, so we don't need jackets (usually) if the sun is shining, however, it would never get up to 100F! I have seen 32C on my outdoor thermometer in the summer of 2004, but no higher than that.

Also we get night dew (cool temeperatures) as early as nine P.M. in summer.

Imagine, Jim, my troubles finding the 50-55F temperatures for my hippeastra, needed if they are to bloom at Christmas, New Year's and through the winter and spring, until May. What I do is stick them up in my "cold" bedroom, one or two a week, and hope for the best. When I need one for Christmas, I will take it up six weeks earlier and water it in another cold room, which most likely WILL have the right temperature.

This is, of course, an exceptionally warm autumn, more like summer...

I would like to try these indoors and may have some seedlings already. I figure I will treat everything that is of the same family as hippeastrum the same way, at least when they have the age to blossom.

Carol, who has loads of seedlings and small bulbs - it's wonderful! 

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