Amarine question

Ron Vanderhoff
Thu, 06 Oct 2005 11:49:11 PDT
The flowers of xAmarine are really quite handsome. Here is what has worked well for me:
I pot the bulbs with their nose just slightly out of the soil surface in a quick draining mix with 50% pumice and in a shallow container.  Like many amaryllids, they like a somewhat crowded condition and are best left undisturbed in the same container for several years. I keep the pot in full sun all summer during their dormancy and water only sproradically. Early, to mid September come the flowers. 
Ron Vanderhoff
Coastal Southern California, USDA 10a, where it is supposed to be cooling off now, but is 92 f outside.

Angelo Porcelli <> wrote:
While on the topic of Nerine, I would ask if anyone in southern California has info on how to persuade this hybrid to bloom. I don't have particular troubles in getting Nerine sarniensis hybrids to bloom, but Amarine I am growing from three years and although it has grown and increased well, has never shown a sign of flowering. Maybe it's better in the ground? All my Nerine sarniensis are in pots, but for laziness and are left to elements all year rounds.

Angelo Porcelli
south of Italy

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