Fertilizing and disease control on Hippeastrum

Carol Jensen jorna@mobilixnet.dk
Wed, 26 Oct 2005 14:28:18 PDT
At 21:58 26-10-2005, you wrote:
>From my numerous experiences with purchased hippeastrum bulbs as well as 
>bulbs raised from seeds I found out:
>A control against diseases is not necessary.
>The main fungal disease in gardener's amaryllis is red blotch.
>My carefull observation revealed that this fatal event never occurs by 
>itself but originates from a superinfection of plant material damaged by the 
>bulb scale mite Steneotarsonemus laticeps.

Hi Hans-Werner,

I have had red blotch and cured it every time by cutting it out of the bulb after its dormancy, then letting the bulb dry out an extra month in  a warm room.

BUT I was given a Hippeastrum last April, from Holland, and it had a grey fungus. I found it right away and threw the bulb away, as the fungus was all around inside the bulb. THAT was a bad one, but luckily no other Hippeastrums got infected, though there were several in the same room for a week or two.

Indoors I don't get any mites or anything - loads of spiders and such though!


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