Cameron McMaster
Wed, 26 Oct 2005 13:05:58 PDT
Bonaventure Magrys  wrote  I wonder if Cameron can tell us where we can get some of the more unavailable but very attractive Eulophia species such as the first five species pictured on the wiki page?

Regret I dont know who grows and supplies these wild ground orchids - I doubt if anyone does.  They are all extremely difficult to propagate and to keep alive in capitivity.  It is such a pity their habitats are rapidly being degraded by grazing livestock and alien plants.  Earlier this year I took a group of Nurserymen on a tour of the Eastern Cape and we photographed some more wonderful ground orhcids in the Southern Drakensberg.  Anyone interested in obtaining a collection of these images can contact me.

Taking groups to view Wild flowers is becoming a regular activity with us.  

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