Very OT: Plant trade Alstroemeria/Eulophia

James Waddick
Sat, 08 Oct 2005 20:56:52 PDT
Dear all;
	As summer temps drop and a hint of frost is in the air it is 
time to clean up and plan for winter. I'd love to get a couple pots 
started of large - flowering florist - type Alstroemeria that might 
bloom in winter in my cool /frost free greenhouse. Taller, suitable 
for cutting, not the new dwarf ones. Any bright colors - no brown or 
green - pink, red, purple, white etc. Should be blooming size 
divisions. No names required-cute counts.

	In trade, I have a husky division of Eulophia petersii. This 
is a terrestrial orchid with large exposed pseudobulbs. The plant has 
11 pseudobulbs bursting from a gallon size pot and is blooming size. 
The flower spike gets to 6 ft or so. The plant is grown like a tender 
Aloe-full sun in summer, cool and dim light over winter.  Does fine 
in my situation. Flowers are a mix of pink, white and green ; small 
but abundant.

	Email me off line - ONLY at

	Frost is coming.		Jim W.

ps Before anyone gets antsy, Mary Sue (thanks!) approved this message 
before I sent it.
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