New Chilean geophytes

diana chapman
Sun, 09 Oct 2005 11:43:16 PDT
Hello Osmani:

Many thanks for your seed list.  I would like six packets of each of the

8. Bomarea salsilla
9. Phycella scarlatina
10. P. ignea
11. P. australis
12. Placea amoena
13. Rhodophiala bagnolidi
15. R. laeta
16. R. phycelloides
17. Traubia modesta
23. Leucocoryne narcissoides
28. Tropaeolum tricolor
51. Phycella angustifolia
52. Placea lutea
53. Placea arzae
54. Rhodophiala pratensis
55. R. rhodolirioon
56. R. chilensis
58. Tropaeolum polyphyllum
59. Tropaeolum sessiliflorum

If you let me know if they are all available in the quantitites I want, I
will add it all up and Paypal the money to you.


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