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Alberto Castillo
Mon, 17 Oct 2005 13:03:22 PDT

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>My question is simplier: may I grow them assuring not less than 32°F in the 
>winter nights? I usually heat and I have a minimum just over 0°C (=32°F).
>My regards.

   Perhaps Mary Sue is right and Alberto Grossi's request for hardiness info 
on those bulbs was not answered. But the answer is necessarily two folded

A) some of them could survive occasional spells of 0 C if very dry while 
dormant but the bulbs and roots will do far better if pot temperatures do 
not go below 8-10 C. Flowers will not be produced in dormant bulbs if 
temperatures go too low.

B) Phaedranassas, Clinanthus (strap shaped Stenomessons), Paramongaia, 
Eucrosia, Rauhia, Ismenes, Eustephia, Leptochiton, and the like, can not 
fail if grown like Hippeastrums (hybrids or species).
That, as everyone knows,  are warmth loving plants and thrive in warmer 
climates like            Southern California, Texas and the coastal Gulf 
States, South Africa, you named it. Or, indoors     under equally warm 
conditions. All of them can tolerate lower temperatures without dying but to 
reach flowering size they will take 27 years. We have heard plenty of 
similar stories..

Of the whole group only the true Stenomessons are cool conditions lovers and 
will thrive on them. All the plants in this group could be happy with 0 C 
during dormancy (but equally dry).

Alberto Castillo
Buenos Aires
South America

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