Nerine Sarnienses Hybrids

Matt Mattus
Sun, 18 Sep 2005 20:02:34 PDT
I have had relatively good luck with Nerine sarniensis, which may be
changing as Jim warned me a few years ago,.although I am interested in the
comment about additional moisture during the dormant period. I have found
that I now get about 40% blooming, out of my 100 or so bulbs.

I added about 35 named N. sarniensis last year from Springbank Nurseries in
England, who hold the National Collection. I traditionally water mine well
around the time that I water the rest of my South African bulbs, when the
night time temperatures here in Massachusetts are cool around the beginning
of September, and the first blooms arrive around mid-October. I lost three
bulbs this year that I can tell so far after cleaning them up.

This year I let my bulbs go dryer than usual, in fact they spent an
incredibly hot summer on a high bench with no water at all in the greenhouse
in full sun. I still see no sign of buds, so stay tuned, but it has been
three weeks since first watering, and it has warmed up again.

I tried a few years back planting some in an alpine raised wall along side
the greenhouse, they never made it through the winter. A lonely N bowdenii
has survived but has yet to bloom. I would love to try some species of
Nerine, have others found them easier or more rewarding?

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA
USDA zone 5

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