FW: Re: Tulipa saxitilis

Eugene Zielinski eez55@earthlink.net
Sun, 18 Sep 2005 19:46:40 PDT
I lived in central Pennsylvania, my experience with T. saxatilis was pretty
much the same as Jim's.  Bellefonte, PA is on the border of z5 and z6, with
unreliable snow cover.  The bulbs disappeared after about three years, but
I did get some sparse bloom in the second year.  This seemed to be more
related to a dry summer than to a mild winter.  I suspect the combination
of wet summers and foliage destroying winters is what did them in.
T. bakeri "Lilac Wonder" was a different story altogether.  Like normal
tulips, these bulbs waited till spring to throw up foliage and bloomed
reliably every year.  (They were planted about six feet from the
saxatilis.)  In my opinion, it's a better looking plant - more stocky with
larger flowers.  It didn't increase much, though, and neither T. bakeri nor
T. saxatilis set any seed.
Now that I'm living in Georgia, I'm going to try T. saxatilis again - in
pots, for now.

Incidentally, I second Sharon M's suggestion that we list our geographic
locations, preferably after our signatures.  We're a pretty
diverse/dispersed group.  I suggest listing a city (and/or county?) and
state, at least for those living in the US.

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, Georgia

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> > Dennis wrote: "Not quite SE USA, but this species performs great for me
> > Cincinnati."
> > 
> > Dennis, are you sure it is Tulipa saxatilis you have and not Tulipa
> > 'Lilac Wonder'? 
> > 
> > I'm asking this because Tulipa saxatilis has never been a success here
in my
> > Maryland garden. The foliage, which is generally fully developed by
> > winter, is almost always completely destroyed during the winter unless
> > protected. Last winter for the first time I brought through a full
clutch of
> > Tulipa saxatilis foliage by covering it carefully during the worst of
> > winter. 
> > 

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