Photographs on the WIKI

David Victor
Tue, 13 Sep 2005 11:20:59 PDT
Hi there everyone,

I've added a  photograph of a South African Gladiolus to the WIKI 
today.  This was given to me some time ago as Gladiolus uysiae, but its 
clearly not the species.  My current belief is that it is Gladiolus 
stefaniae, which it certainly looks like to me.  In any event, as I'm not 
expert on Gladiolus, I have added it as Gladiolus species aff. stefaniae - 
if anyone can confirm or suggest an alternative, I'd be only too pleased to 

You can find it in the M-Z part of South African Gladiolus under the above 
name at:


Best regards,
David Victor 

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