Sternbergia lutea division?

Lauw de Jager
Tue, 13 Sep 2005 10:07:27 PDT
I cannot resist to present my experience on this subject as I have  grown
commercially since 1990 about 10000 bulbs of Sternbergia  lutea
angustifolia. In the early years multiplied  by cutting the bulbs, which  is
done the end of June for planting out end of July.

They need a sunny position from Sept-April. So I think that yours are ok
where they are.
However, I strongly disagree with the advise given to move the bulbs now.
First roots emerge  during August and are by now well developped, leaves
will be out next week. The plant has already spent a part of its reserves
will suffer by making new roots. Once a replanted some Sternbergia in
Octobre which was disastrous as that that time the bulb has completely
depleted its reserves.
The best planting time is without any doubt from May until the middle of
If your bulbs are now too close to the surface, you could for this season
cover it with 10cm(4") of mulch  (straw,compost etc.) and transplant the
bulbs next May.  I lift the bulbs every year by the end of April and replant
early August, immediately covered wit a layer of straw. At the moment they
are in full flowe which is rather an impresssive sight.
I hope that this is of any help.
Kind greetings
Lauw de Jager

> Some years ago (5 or so), I planted Sternbergia in a bed with light filtered
> shade (river birch that drops a lot of leaves in late summer) from April-Sept,
> but bright full sun otherwise.  It's done quite well, however, the necks (and
> a good part of the full bulbs) are above ground level.  I also believe the
> clumps could be divided as there are at least six growing points where I
> planted each bulb.  My quandary is thus:  I see that the barest tips of the
> new flowers are emerging now above the lip of the bulb.  Would now be a good
> time to lift and separate or do you recommend that I wait till the foliage is
> almost gone in spring ?

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