Hymenocallis occidentalis; was RE: Spring Flowers outdoors and Hymenocallis in the Greenhouse

J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Wed, 12 Apr 2006 10:13:43 PDT
Hi Jim McK. and all,

Hymenocallis occidentalis bulbs need to be about 2 inches in diameter to 
bloom.  The small seedling bulbs don't get very big as long as they are 
grown in a small or crowded pot.  Each should be in at least a 2-gallon pot 
to flower.

H. occidentalis is more of an upland species, growing on the uphill side of 
woods along streams and rivers.  They grow above the high water mark, more 
or less.  I would not put them in a bog garden!  They should have light, 
dappled shade.  H. occidentalis blooms in August here.

H. liriosme is a more of riverside species, growing along stream banks 
right at the edge of the water, sometimes in the water.  It would do fine 
in your bog garden.  It blooms very early, so we might have trouble getting 
flowers on them outdoors in cold climates.

Good luck,
Jim Shields

At 12:04 PM 4/12/2006 -0400, Jim McKenney wrote:
>I want to plant these into the ground and let them go on their own. I'm also
>tempted to put one of the two in the bog trays to see what happens.
>What would be optimum conditions for this species? The bulbs when acquired
>were about the size of big peas, if that. I don't know how big they are now,
>but the emerging foliage is about a third of an inch wide. How big do they
>have to be before they bloom?

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