What you've got blooming. hymenocallis

Adam Fikso irisman@ameritech.net
Wed, 12 Apr 2006 10:29:03 PDT
Well Jim...and others in the cold parts.... I can't tell much about 
delectables growing here, because you're about 2 weeks ahead of me.  Scilla 
siberica blooming all over the place.  Daffodil hybrids up and opening. Some 
kind of Erythronium in bud;Trillium erectum just up and leafing out along 
with Asarum canadense; most everything else underground still, except for a 
few early tulips and Fritillaria michailowsky.  Tree peonies leafing out and 
showing buds.  Arisaemas that I've had under lights (from Chen Yi this year) 
will be moved out this week and next--all of which are breaking or about to 
break dormancy. Pinellia cordata showing the beginnings of a second leaf 

I put out two large Hymenocallis orientalis plants (3" diameter bulbs with 
leaves 2" wide and already about 16" long  which I got with full root 
systems and tops from Mississippi (eBay) packed in wet newspaper and a 
couple of plastic bags)  Some of these backyard gardeners do a beautiful 
job, and she sent me the plant packed according to my directions.  I expect 
no transplanting shock.

The bulb I bought as F. persica 'Adiyaman'  has for the third year now put 
up  stems with no capability for flower buds on them.  I am now suspicious 
of most Dutch dealers who spend lots of money on advertising, unless they ae 
actually growers instead of brokers.  My garden tags will now carry the 
source of the bulb so that I can complain about inferior merchandise.   Adam 
Fikso in Glenview, IL  Z5a


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