Fritillaria persica etc.

James Waddick
Sat, 08 Apr 2006 07:17:44 PDT
Dear Jane, Jim and all;
	Thanks for the input. Sounds like my lone F. persica is 
simply a different clone. Not 'Adiyaman'.

	And 'Ivory Bells' is indeed growable, but I am not find of 
green flowers so might have to wait to see in person just 'how green'.

	And as an aside, I had a single bloom this spring on F. 
pudica. I got this bulb from Jane McG., but wasn't really very 
confidant that I could grow it here. It had a single bloom on a 
single stem and it was a lovely bright clear yellow color- as 
advertised, but disappointingly minute in size. Like my little finger 
nail in diameter. I was lucky to have even 'found' it.

	Now a few European species are blooming. Have to check names 
'F. pontica, F. acmopetala, maybe something else and F. pallidiflora 
in the garden beds.

		Thanks 	Jim W.
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