Iris rosenbachiana

John T Lonsdale
Sat, 08 Apr 2006 08:01:59 PDT
Jim W asked if my clones of Iris rosenbachiana are outside - the answer is
yes, they are in a sand bed that is protected from mid-late summer rain.  I
do have a couple of spares in the greenhouse in pots.  There are also plants
in unprotected sand beds that are fine in all but the wettest summers.  I
also have Iris persica and galatica in the protected sand bed.

It was with great joy two weeks ago I found my Leucocrinum montanum was
coming up.  I've been after this plant forever and a friend in Colorado sent
me a piece last fall.  I was even more thrilled yesterday to see there is a
flower bud.  Mertensia lanceolata is also up and growing from the same
source - maybe not a strict geophyte but rather nice.

Welcome rain here, although I'd prefer it a bit lighter so I can get outside
and relocate a bed full of woodlanders into the woods to make a new Trillium
seed bed!

Jane (and others who grow them) - do your NW US Fritillaria seedlings go
dormant fairly early?  I find that they and the Rhinopetalum section tend to
early dormancy - especially after they get a whiff of weather in the 70s for
a couple of days and there is even a hint of dryness in the pots.  



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