Dead horse arum

James Waddick
Mon, 10 Apr 2006 21:07:34 PDT
Dear All;
	This is one of the wonders of the plant world.

	After years of care, my plant bloomed a few years ago and 
terrorized the neighborhood for days. The foliage is incredible even 
when not in flower. Each leaf is multiply divided and its leaf 
segments are angled back on itself in a symmetrical, architecturally 
complex arrangement that defies explanation.

	After bloom, I unpotted it and gave away a dozen smaller 
tubers and planted a few in dry location in the garden assuming 
they'd croak. My plant has not bloomed since (which is not a really 
'bad' thing, considering the stench) and all the garden tubers 
'disappeared' until last year I  found a small plant that had 
survived a couple of my winters. And it is back again this year. I 
can't imagine it is flourishing enough to ever get big enough to 
bloom (which isn't a bad thing- see above), but I was surprised it 
simply survived about 3 or 4 years now outside with NO CARE 

	I grow my plant in a large nursery pot (about 10 G) and 
winter it dry and frost free. It emerges early and I begin watering. 
As the season warms I bring it into full sun and water well until it 
shows me it is drying off. I then tip the pot and wait for the 
foliage to dry off and go back into winter storage.

	It's worth it. And with a name like Helicodiceros muscivorus 
( Twisted, two-horned Fly Eater!), ya gotta love it.

		Best		Jim W.
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