Dead horse arum

Lauw de Jager
Tue, 11 Apr 2006 01:02:09 PDT
Diana and all,
This Araceae grows here quite easily outside. Multiplies rapidly and there
is  a large stock available. Last summer I sent quite a lot to the USA. By
the way this species is now called Dranculus muscivorus. Pictures,
description and price can be seen in our website.
Lauw de Jager
South of France (Climat méditerranéen; zone 8 Olivier)
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le 10/04/06 19:03, diana chapman à a écrit :
> When I opened the greenhouse door this morning, I was greeted by the smell
> of rotting flesh.  The Dead Horse Arum (Helicodiceros muscivorus) has opened
> the first its fiendish blooms.  I have asked Susan to post a picture to the
> wiki.  The inflorescence is huge, at least 12" in length and about 8"
> across, looking like the posterior of a dead animal, the spathe hanging
> down, all blotchy and covered in dark hairs.  The spadix is covered in hairs
> too, and hangs down like the tail of an animal.  Flies enter a hole under
> the base of the spadix.
> I don't have any available this year.  When I got my original plants years
> ago from a botanical garden, I thought it was just for my own collection,
> but I receive a great many requests for this species and never have enough.
> I must say, it is certainly unique!!

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