Tulipa sylvestris

Judy Glattstein jglatt@hughes.net
Fri, 28 Apr 2006 04:38:29 PDT
Having seen Tulipa sylvestris romp through a friend's garden I decided 
to confine it. I sank a largish (about 5 gallon size) black plastic 
nursery pot in the ground and planted a handful of bulbs from a friend's 
grandmother's garden. The first year or so they were foliage. This year, 
ah! This year they are a nice compact clump with 6 sunny flowers. I 
think I'll give them another year, then unearth the bulbs as the foliage 
withers and see if they need more space.

I like my technique for two reasons: the display is excellent and it 
also keeps them from wandering far and wide.

There's what I think is a great picture of Fritillaria imperialis up on 
my web site http://www.bellewood-gardens.com/ go to Diary, then BelleWood in 
Bloom and scroll down until you find it.

Taught at New York Botanical Garden last Wednesday - this is the most 
stupendous spring for magnolias, flowering cherries, crabapples are 
currently in bloom, and the tulips at NYBG are vivacious!

Please notice (at last!) new e-mail address jglatt@hughes.net

Judy in New Jersey where my garden seductively beckons, tender green new 
leaves on the trees and new flowers appearing between morning, noon, and 

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