Crinum rebloom

Thu, 10 Aug 2006 20:02:29 PDT
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> Also, I've realized that irrigation during the
> growing season is key to much Crinum performance.

> I wonder if continued irrigation and water over
> the growing season might not propel the plants to rebloom even more in
> future seasons.

> Joe Shaw

Yes, indeed, the key is water, water, water!

I have some transplanted xherbertii-types (white with pale rose stripe) on 
June 30. They were budded when I transplanted them and they all bloomed out, 
then rested. Rather, they were getting rooted in. About 3 weeks to a month 
ago, they started putting out new leaves and now one of the bulbs is sending 
up a scape. Yippee!

I cut them back moderately when I transplanted them and pretty much watered 
them every day, keeping them evenly moist. We had some good rains that 
watered them deeply from time to time as I have also done on occasion.

I have just had a second scape emerge from a potted C. scabrum. I was 
concerned about how to water them and found that they too seem to prefer 
lots of it. Awhile back, I got scared that I might be overdoing the water 
and cut back, not letting them get really dry, just not watering so often, 
maybe watering later in the day or waiting til the next morning and so 

Well, the heavy rains brought out scapes overnight, literally. One day there 
was no sign of a scape and the next morning, there's 2-inch scape showing. 
So maybe they are spurred on to bloom after a bit of dryishness followed by 
plentiful moisture.

I haven't let go as dry as before. As I said, I have noticed quite a few 
leaf tips appearing around the bulb, between the scales, indicating 

I have kept all my Crinums well watered. Some are too young to bloom (but 
I'm still hoping for a late showing) but the foliage hasn't flopped about as 
it does if they go dry. I know too, that I'm helping them set future buds, 
so it's all good.

Here's another point: When I dug up the bulbs (at a neighbor's home), I used 
a hose to rinse the soil from the roots and when I'd stop to let my friend 
seperate the clump some, I'd water his remaining clumps. They hadn't been 
blooming and he said he never watered them anymore. Well, the next week 
there were more blooms on his clumps. And the woman he got his start from 
lives nearby as well and I know she waters her garden regularly. Hers have 
repeated all season.


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