Crinum rebloom

Joe Shaw
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 16:22:19 PDT
Hi Gang,

I'm still slugging away, trying to put the clues together from various 
observations about Crinum, and Crinum hybrids.  The observations come from 
all over the world and sometimes don't seem to agree with one another.  For 
instance, I've run across a number of descriptions of 'Rose Parade.'  That 
plant never reblooms, or it might sometimes.  It can have dark pink (but 
clearly pink) flowers, or nearly red flowers.  It can have umbels with 25-30 
flowers, or with less than 12.  It sets seed, or it doesn't.  It can 
increase readily, or not so much.

For me, one revelation was realizing that perhaps some putative 'Rose 
Parade' plants set seed and that the progeny are nearly identical with the 
parent plants, but not exactly so.  Thus, over time, perhaps 'Rose Parade' 
seedlings have been passed on here and there, and the variants may have 
accumulated differences. Also, I've realized that irrigation during the 
growing season is key to much Crinum performance.  Additionally, it seems 
that established clumps (3 or more years undisturbed), perform differently 
than newer plantings (more flowers, more rebloom, etc.).

Anyway, I was happy to see that Crinum x 'Bradley' (one of my favorites) has 
rebloomed this summer, after producing flowers 2 times from the same bulb 
earlier in the season.  I wonder if continued irrigation and water over over 
the growing season might not propel the plants to rebloom even more in 
future seasons.


Joe Shaw
Not too hot here in Conroe, TX.  Humidity moderate for this area, but not 
low compared to many areas.

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