When do Flowers Form in Amaryllids

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Thu, 17 Aug 2006 16:35:36 PDT
Hi Gang,

I still don't have good information about Crinum.  However, the material at 
the link below (an abstract) clearly indicates that at least some Nerine 
species start forming flower buds 2 seaons before the flower emerges.  The 
final touches (egg and sperm maturation) might not happen till closer to 

The point is that flowering can be influenced by events that happend 2 years 
before you see the flowers.  So, take good care of you plants if you want 
flowers two years hence.

I suspect that Crinum follow a similar pattern.

It might be that, if plants are stressed by drought or some other factor, 
the two year lag-time might even become a 3- or 4-year lag time.  Plants 
have a variety of mechanisms to gauge environmental conditions:  1)  what 
has happended and how might such be important for seedlings, and 2) what has 
happend and how might such be relevant for "when to make seeds."  (just a 

If anyone has the article and cares to send it to me, I will appreciate it. 
I'm too much a "penny pincher" to spring for the cost.

Embryogenesis and Seed Germination of Nerine


Joe Shaw
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