Pollen Swapping/sharing

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Thu, 17 Aug 2006 16:26:37 PDT
Hi Gang,

I wonder if there are folks interested pollen-sharing.  The shareing could 
deal with various genera.  For instance, I'd be interested in sharing or 
trading Crinum pollen with folks around the world.

The idea would be that:

1.  You send a self-addressed, postage-paid package to a gardener who has 
agreed to send back pollen.

2.  The package should contain little envelopes for pollen transport.  I 
find that Crinum pollen lasts in the mail if sent promptly.  You can use 
coin envelopes, or just the cut-off corner of a regular white envelope (then 
you fold back the open part and seal with tape).

3.  The return-postage-paid package should contain whatever form of pollen 
collection and shipping method that you want, but it should be easy for the 
sender.  So, if you really want pollen dried over silica beads, you should 
send a little, air-tight, plastic box with the beads, and the pollen 
collector could just drop the coin envelopes in the box and mail items back 
to you.

4.  Then, when you get the pollen you store it as you choose, or you could 
use it ASAP, etc.

5.  The benefit would be that, if we plan ahead, we could have pollen stored 
from this season for use next season.  I'm forever having flowers open and 
not having the pollen on hand that I would like to use.

I don't propose a formal "pollen club," with rules etc.  I thought a pollen 
sharing list might be interesting, but figured that is a lot of work for 
someone.  So, I wonder if I set up a Web page for different genera.  I would 
start with Crinum, and see how that goes.  Folks could sign up, and it would 
be the responsibility of members to:  1)  announce the avaiability of 
pollen, or 2) to send out a "looking for" pollen query.

There are 2 benefits to the Web page approach:  1)  email addresses would be 
protected from first-level spam machines, and 2) the burden for finding 
pollen would reside on someone who wants pollen (rather than potential 
donors).  I think (but don't know) that I could set up a page where someone 
could send out a general query without needing to know the email addresses 
of the recipients.

If you have ideas about how to make such idea work, I'd be happy to provide 
Web space for someone to take a shot at it.  I have no real desire for more 
Web work (I barely understand what I am doing now), and if a wired-type 
individual wants to run with such a project more power to her/him.

I can turn over password protected Web space for the project.  It will be 
easy with my Web-hosting-plan to provide 100 megabytes of Web space.  Good 
bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, unlimited email forwarding, and 
unlimited email autoresponders are a part of the plan.  Of course, such a 
project would be a variation of my URL "opuntiads.com," or purchase of a new 
URL (not too expensive and may I could cover it).

Let me knwo what y'all think.  I know Crinum and Nerine pollen (at least 
some types) can last for a year after mailing if stored properly, and 
perhaps if not stored "properly."  As bulb- and plant-nuts, perhaps we could 
develop something new.  Much would depend upon interest level.

Even commercial bulb operations could participate at the level they wanted. 
This would be beneficial for private growers and commercial operations. 
From my point of view, I want to see bulb nurseries succeed, even though I 
may not always want to purchase.  Along with the IBS and similar hobby 
groups, bulb-selling nurseries are a prime source of information and 

Lastly, if the PBS were at all intrested in sharing in such an endeavor, or 
taking the reins of such, I'd be happy to oblige and pay for the Web space 
for several years to come, etc.

Therefore, PBS members, comment and holler, and let the officers hear from 
you.  Perhaps pollen sharing is not appropriate for the PBS, but I get a 
feeling that the PBS is molded by membership energy and interests.  Perhaps 
pollen-sharing is appropriate, but no one will know unless members let the 
officers know.


Joe Shaw
Conore TX

Hot today, about 100 F (38 C), no rain forecast, I'm out watering everything 
but the cacti or large succulents.  I intend to trick my Crinum to put out 
more blooms than ever in years to come.  I'm convinced they make flower 
initiations this summer for 1 or 2 years hence.

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