Brutal Lycoris season
Fri, 04 Aug 2006 21:11:44 PDT
In a message dated 8/4/2006 4:34:03 P.M. Eastern  Standard Time, writes:
1 plant of L.  squamigera in the shade; 2 stalks about 3/4 full height
2  stalks of L. longituba in  2 spots, both shorter than  typical.
1  6 inch stem of L. chinensis. Pitiful.  

Here in the Cincinnati area, Jim, we have had better rainfall, although  
currently "enjoying" intense heat and humidity. The L. squamigera in two  
different areas, although all in shade, are normal height and blooming their  hearts 
The L. radiata that Conroe Joe so graciously offered are in a different  area 
and two are showing some leaves---I don't think that's what they're  supposed 
to be doing right now!
Bill Lee

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