Brutal Lycoris season

James Waddick
Fri, 04 Aug 2006 13:31:30 PDT
Dear all  -
	The notes about bloom remind me about our brutal hot dry 
summer. I have three Lycoris in bloom:

	1 plant of L. squamigera in the shade; 2 stalks about 3/4 full height
	2 stalks of L. longituba in  2 spots, both shorter than typical.
	1  6 inch stem of L. chinensis. Pitiful.

	In previous years of drought, these species and others simply 
did not even try to bloom until we had a good penetrating rain fall. 
I am assuming and hoping the plants, "know best" and are awaiting the 
rain so they can reach full height and vigor.

	It has been pretty awful here for any bulbs with reduce 
flowering, shorter stalks, distorted blooms or buds that wither 
before opening. Actually pretty amazing that some even 'try'.

	Enough 		Jim W.
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