Lycoris in sun or shade

James Waddick
Mon, 28 Aug 2006 10:03:36 PDT
>So, which species have you found that don't like summer baking?

Dear Tony and all;
	It's always definitions isn't it?

	I consider summer baking something akin to bulbs that can 
take  (require) hot and dry periods for extended periods of time. 
Then there is the difference between "require" and "tolerate".

	As I have indicated before when we have a baking summer 
Lycoris bloom is delayed.  When we have our usual if unpredictable 
and occasional summer rain, they will bloom in unison and 'on time'.

	So I'd say NONE of them really 'like' a summer baking and all 
prefer more even, year-round moisture. If you consider these odd 
woodlanders and more like Hosta or Epimedium, they can all take some 
drought, but  they all do better with regular moisture.

	I really don't put Lycoris and baking in the same sentence. 
Even though they can grow is climates with warm summers during 
summers,  bulbs are in the peak amount of shade and do not experience 
the same drying out that they might in sunny sites.

	Summer baking for Junos and Oncocyclus Iris.

		best		Jim W.

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