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Mon, 28 Aug 2006 11:36:56 PDT
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Subject: Lycoris squamigera

> This hybrid  is a sterile triploid (info from Jim Waddick)  checked and 
> confirmed via other sources.  I've been trying to set seed on it now for 5 
> years using a number of finagles, e.g,various dilutions of  2-4D dissolved 
> and placed on the juncture of the pedicels below the ovaries. I get more 
> swollen ovaries that persist for a while and seem to have rudimentary 
> embryos in them, but , so far, nothing. . The large groups are indeed from 
> multiplication of offsets, often 20-50 years old in the gardens of older 
> houses way up into zones 3 and 4.
> Large bulbs can get to  be about 5" in diameter, and they are often quite 
> crowded in the older plantings.  Indeed, give them full sun,or as much as 
> you can-- and clay soil and winter wet or freezing is no problem 
> whatsoever.
>  Adam in Glenview, Z 5a 

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