Wiki pictures used without permission

John Bryan
Mon, 07 Aug 2006 10:51:00 PDT
Dear Bill:

The responses to your question from various people I feel are most
polite, but, in my opinion, not strong enough. If the source of the
photo used clearly state "not to be used without permission" or words to
that effect, I would suggest: 1. Ebay be informed. 2. An invoice be sent
to those who used the photo. 3. Ask that Ebay institute a policy stating
all photos used if not the property of the user, must carry the
permission of the owner for its use.. 4. Inform the Garden Writers
Association that such as occurred and what is their position on such

This might seem 'strong' but such piracy should/must be stopped. Cheers,
John E. Bryan

Bill Dijk wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I noticed one of my photos on Ebay at this address;
> I don't mind sharing, with permission and proper identification,
> This person did not even bother asking, especially when used for commercial
> purposes.
> I don't know this person, or how to contact him/her on Ebay
> What can/should I do ? Ask this person to remove my picture ?
> Best wishes,
> Bill Dijk
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