Piracy of Wiki Pictures, was Re: pbs Digest, Vol 43, Issue 4

totototo@telus.net totototo@telus.net
Mon, 07 Aug 2006 09:28:11 PDT
On 5 Aug 06, at 12:06, Adam Fikso wrote:

> Many people are unaware that such pictures are not necessarily in
> the public domain. 

That excuse is threadbare. By now everyone knows that stuff on the 
net is NOT PD.

The thing that's sad is that most of us, if asked nicely, would 
probably be happy to give permission.

PS: Would you please learn to trim digests down to the post you are 
responding to, and that only the relevant points, instead of quoting 
the whole thing holus-bolus? Many email clients can quote selectively 
if you want, which makes this very easy. Even without such a feature, 
however, it's pretty inconsiderate of other subscribers to quote as 
you have.

Further PS: Please also learn to change the subject line to match the 
actual content of your message.

Rodger Whitlock
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