Trading/Sharing Crinum Pollen

Joe Shaw
Fri, 18 Aug 2006 15:48:17 PDT
Hi Gang,

There sure are some clever PBS members out there.  Following advice I got, I 
set up an email list at Yahoo.

I did not make the pollen-trading group publicly listed, but once you find 
the Web page, I think anyone can join (no approval needed).  You can share 
the URL with garden friends.

I typed up some quick etiquett notes (guidlines) and anyone can join.  The 
ideas is that, if you are looking for pollen, or if you have pollen to 
share, you post a note to the crinumpollen list.

If you find you can't join, or unjoin, etc., just drop me an email note. 
I'll see if I can help, but the idea is that the list should mostly be on 
autopilot.  Also, the list is not really set up to deal with biology or 
garden questions--that is what the PBS is for.  There are no pictures or 
folders, etc., just a plain vanilla email correspondence list.

LINK:  Crinum Pollen Exchange


Joe Shaw
P.S.  If this format is as simple as it seems, anyone else can start a 
Nerine Pollen Exchange, etc.

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