Crinum x 'Amelia Garza' (cross posted)

Joe Shaw
Fri, 18 Aug 2006 15:32:51 PDT
Hi Gang,

Marcelle sent me photo today, an image of 'Amelia Garza.'  It is a knockout 
plant for several reaons:
1.  The fowers are truly huge, check the dinner plate in the photo for size 
2.  The flowers are delightfully fragrant,
3.  It reblooms, starting in June, and;
4.  It is good summer-bloomer and fall-bloomer, just taking its time and 
blooming when it wants, till cold weather.

Marcelle reports this is the 3rd scape for the summer, and that it has 8 
buds, 4 of which opened today.  She writes the is is delightfully fragrant, 
and can perfume a room.  It has been nearly 100 F (38 C) all week, some days 
warmer.  Yet, this found plant keeps on blooming.

Marcelle reports that she's getting around a lot in the garden, and that she 
is increasing her plants as best she can.  Maybe she'll be up for business 
in a year or two--who can say.  I guess that when a tree and a porch (both) 
fall you you, causing a broken pelvis (and other bones) as well as a small 
stroke, you just take things one day at a time.

Right after Marcelle got home from the hospital Hurricane Rita hit East 
Texas; she's been busy recovering her health and garden ever since.  Thus, 
there is no way to predict when she'll be offering her beauties for sale. 
Many of you have enquired and I don't know the answer.

LINK:  New photo, Crinum x 'Amelia Garza'

LINK:  Info Page, Crinum x 'Amelia Garza'…


Joe Shaw

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