Scadoxus nutans seed

African Bulbs
Sun, 06 Aug 2006 09:19:04 PDT
We don't grow S. nutans, but with S. katharinae, S. membranaceus and S. puniceus, it can take up to four months - wait until you see the green berries change colour to orange or red, then clean out the seeds inside, rinse and dry them for a day or two before sowing - make sure all the membrane/pulp is cleaned off the seed. We usually keep them in an icecream tub and wait for them to send out a radicle before sowing (like most fleshy-seeded amaryllids, the seeds need light and should be visible above ground when sowing). Some Scadoxus will grow a bulb and roots in the first year, but no leaves - in the second season the leaves appear.
Rhoda McMaster
Napier, SA
Good winter rains, a very good spring flower season starting in the W.Cape

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