Cyrtanthus epiphyticus

John Grimshaw
Sun, 06 Aug 2006 00:45:47 PDT
I've grown Cyrtanthus epiphyticus for some time, from a collection made in 
South Africa by Panayoti Kelaidis in the 90s, and I've also seen it in the 
wild growing in the turf (not up a tree!) at Naude's Nek and elsewhere in 
the Drakensberg. In my experience the corolla lobes flare outwards, as in 
the photographs by Mary Sue, but not Bill Dyke's. I would describe the 
colour as orange-red.

I find that the different bulbs in the pot flower at different times during 
the summer, but in my experience it is a summer-growing, summer-flowering 
plant. I dry off the pot as the plants go dormant in autumn and keep it cool 
& dry all winter, usually resurrecting it in April, with repotting every 2-3 
years. The bulbs don't seem to increase vegetatively. I've not yet risked a 
bulb outside, but most of its congeners in the wild are hardy here so I 
ought to be a bit bolder.

John Grimshaw

Dr John M. Grimshaw
Sycamore Cottage
Nr Cheltenham
Gloucestershire GL53 9NP

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> Blooming now from BX seed offered by Ernie O'Bryne in January 2004 is
> Cyrtanthus epiphyticus. My flowers don't look like the ones that are
> pictured on the wiki from Bill Dijk, but they do match the description in
> the Pooley books of this species. Any comments from anyone about this
> species? 

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