Tony Avent
Thu, 14 Dec 2006 16:24:54 PST

I'm hoping that massonias are indeed much hardier than the Zone 9 that I 
can find in reference books.  After visiting SA in 2005, I think there 
is a lot more potential for temperate gardens that we've been led to 
believe.  That being said, the only haemanthus that has overwintered so 
far here is H. montanus.  What bulbs have you seen growing there in cold 
locations there that you think needs trying outdoors?  

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Roy Herold wrote:
> Tony,
> Since when doesn't South Africa not have (near) temperate zones? 
> Massonia is certainly one of the most widespread ZA bulbs, and I'm sure 
> it grows in some mighty chilly spots.
> That said, I overlooked a bulb of M. echinata when I was repotting some 
> seedlings in 2005, and it came up in another pot that got overwintered 
> in an unheated garage. At the time I was ready to write it off, as 
> things freeze solid there. It came through just fine, with no marks on 
> the leaves. The funny thing is that this bulb came up a month before its 
> siblings this fall.
> I'm tempted to leave a sacrificial pot of M. echinata in the cold frame 
> this winter, just to see what happens.
> Just got back from my trip to ZA, where it was fun to see the massonia 
> seedheads blowing across the Little Karoo. Pics are forthcoming.
> --Roy
> 59 degrees in Boston today, and snowdrops are blooming. Global warming 
> is such fun!
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