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Angela and Dean Offer angelasgarden@bigpond.com
Tue, 05 Dec 2006 09:09:38 PST
Here are three messages from Angela in response to this thread posted from 
another email address so they did not go through. I have removed the 
original messages from each and consolidated her response for the sake of 
the digest subscribers.

I have been following the discussion with interest, I NOW HAVE an internet 
connection that is connected!!
Anyhow, the best advice i was even given was someone who spoke about a 
friend of hers who started to work at what he loved - and what a lucky 
person he was,
Yes I work 100?  hours a week with my plants, and also find time to raise a 
I think the dollars bit should be forgotten.
Whatever you are passionate about you will succeed in, never give up, and 
if other nurseries can do it cheaper, then you just have to find a way to 
do it better.
Merry Christmas to all


I think if you want to help them, perhaps we could think about what we 
could buy from them, and ask
No computers, no business plan

and in response to Ellen Hornig's message:

Hello, I agree totally, I am so lucky, I have worked my whole life at jobs 
I haven't enjoyed,  and so has my husband, Dean still brings in the real wage!
I am a one person florist/rare plant nursery/flower grower (you have to 
cover every option)!!
I am sure one day I will actually make a profit, but gosh, I am so happy! 
When I'm happy, i seem to find time for everything.
Anyhow, it is so great to hear from the other ladies out there who run the 
second income, any hints and tips are more than welcome,
but I  have a mild climate, and lots of lovely clean water and an acre of land!
Albany, Western Australia

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