Messages to the pbs list from another email address

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 05 Dec 2006 09:39:41 PST
Hi everyone,

It appears that more and more of you are having access to more than one 
email address. Sometimes it's a work and home address, or a spouse's email 
address or just the opportunity to have multiple email addresses from your 
provider. When you send a message to our list from any address that is not 
subscribed to this list mailman treats this message as a message from a non 
subscriber. All of those messages come to Arnold and Susan and me along 
with an increasing number of spam and phishing messages we also get 
addressed to our list. We know that some of you would like to have these 
messages approved as it saves you the time of having to send them from the 
correct address. Others do not want these messages approved. Some people 
prefer to keep just one email address associated with a specific area of 
interest. Some do not want their work address sent to almost 400 people. So 
this is a request from busy administrators. If you wish to send messages 
from additional addresses besides the one you used when you subscribed 
(this does not mean you will receive messages at that address, just that 
you can send messages from that address), please send these addresses to me 
or to Susan or Arnold and we will add them. If we do not hear from you and 
messages come in from another address we ask you when you get the message 
telling you that your message is being held for approval as a non member 
that you either remove it and resubmit it using the correct address or you 
email one of us then ask us to approve that message and add that address to 
the approved list.


Mary Sue 

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