New photos on wiki

Jane McGary
Sat, 16 Dec 2006 14:23:56 PST
I have posted some new photos, taken in Greece and Turkey this fall, of the 
following, and I hope and pray I am listing these links right at last:

Galanthus peshmenii…

Narcissus tazetta…
and you have to follow the links to the second half of the species section.

Sternbergia clusiana, S. lutea, and S. sicula…

In the Sternbergia section, I have finally figured out what my mystery 
fall-flowering Sternbergia received as S. candida is (having now seen it in 
the wild) and have moved the comment and photo of its distinctive 
spring-emerging foliage to the proper place under S. clusiana.

I also added a comment under S. sicula about the controversy over 
distinguishing this as a species distinct from S. lutea; I would welcome 
informed discussion on this point on the forum.

Jane McGary

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